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Licensed Educational Psychologist

Patrick has a Masters degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on counseling psychology. I have spent the past 35 years developing expertise in counseling children, adolescents and young adults; and coaching teachers and parents.

There was a time when rewards and punishments were the foundation of most parents’ efforts to discipline their children.  The formula was pretty simple - reward positive, pro-social, compliant behavior with some sort of “carrot” or reinforcement; and punish inappropriate, anti-social, and non-compliant behavior with a negative consequence. 
Well, school is back in session for many schools and will be soon for the rest. And each “new beginning” brings with it both excitement and some worries – especially for parents.  One of the best ways to manage your concerns is to put a little bit of time and effort into building good communication between home and school.  While there are many ways in which parents come in contact with their children’s schools, the most common meeting ground is THE PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCE.
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