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Preparing to Bring Your Baby Home

Dec 22, 2016

When pregnant, all of your attention goes to that one special day – the day your baby will be born. But that day comes and passes, and a few days later you need to go home to whatever you have prepared. You have plenty of time during pregnancy to plan everything you will need once you come home with a newborn baby.

Prepare the home and baby proof everything

You have surely decorated the baby's room by now, but what about the rest of the home? Remember you won't have any time for redecorating or rearranging when your baby is born. So, if there are any large projects to be done make sure to do it before the birth. Also, make sure the whole space is safe for the infant – it won't be spending time only in his perfect room.

Gather trustful people around

It is perfect if you have your partner’s support; however, many mothers don't. Maybe you don't have a partner, or maybe you do but he has to work a lot. You know who is the most reliable, trustful, and whom you may ask for help anytime. You don't need a house full of guests; all you need is one or two people who will really help you get you groceries, prepare meals, or fold laundry. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Prepare food in advance

That big freezer seems like a great investment now, doesn't it? When your due date approaches, start preparing double meals and put one in the freezer. You will thank yourself on those days when your only other option would be expensive delivery or fast food.

Emotionally preparing

Don't forget that the postpartum period can sometimes be very rough. Doula Giuditta Tornetta encourages new mothers t make sure they prepare themselves for any depression they may experience. Do whatever makes you feel better when the baby falls asleep, whether it's watching a favorite TV show or taking a bubble bath.

Change home products you use

If you haven't been worried about all the chemicals in cleaning and other products, you should be now. Author Christopher Gavigan encourages parents to pay special attention to what they use on the surfaces their baby will touch. This includes what you use to wash your baby’s clothes, the skin products for the baby, the air fresheners and anything else you might be using. Try to find the most natural products you can.


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I love the advice for preparing fod now because it will really help in the long run when you are tired and don't have much time to make food.

We are baby proofing our house right now and while it is a daunting task I know we will definitely appreciate it in the future.

You really have to be careful of which home products you are using.

We live around close family and friends and I think that really helped us when we had our first baby.

If you have close friends and family they will also be great in helping you get meals together and take care of your other kids if you need them to :)

Definitely make sure to emotionally prepare! You are going to be more emotional than you expect.