How to create a spiritual education

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How to create a spiritual education

Schools are talking a lot about spiritual education, moral education today. And I would say that the spiritual dimension in schools is not about religion. It's about children believing in something outside themselves. And so one of the things we've been doing with children is practicing mindfulness, giving them the chance to clear their thoughts of clutter, breathe deeply, and take the time to just relax and enjoy school. Take the time in moments of great confusion to give themselves an opportunity to seek clarity. And that spiritual education is part of the moral education that we want children to go into the world and practice. We want children to be good individuals, and by that I don't mean the opposite of bad. But I mean we want them to understand when it's important for them to speak up, when it's important for them to take the side of the underdog, when it's important for them to make a difference choice and go in a different direction. And that's when children become more in touch with their own spirituality, their own minds, and their own goodness. And that's something we want every child in every school to be in touch with as they go outside the school. Mindfulness practice. We want children to take moments where they stop, relax, and understand that in those moments of relaxation, there's real enlightenment and real understanding. And you can pull things from deep within when you go into a situation where things are hard from you - a test, an assessment, a competition, and you've taken that moment to relax. We also want children to recognize the innate goodness and the innate goodness and the potential goodness in others. And we want them to practice that, which is why we take them into the community and give them the opportunity to serve others who are less fortunate. We don't want them to think that they're patrons. But we don't want them to understand with their own small hands and their own energy and thoughtfulness, they can really change the lives of others.

Watch Reveta Bowers's video on How to create a spiritual education...


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Reveta Bowers

Head of School

Now starting her forty-second year, Reveta Bowers is the Head of School at The Center for Early Education, an urban pre-school through 6th grade Los Angeles independent school with 538 students. Devoted to children and education, Ms. Bowers served and has served on a number of boards. She is currently on Board of Overseers of the UCLA Healthcare System, on the founding board of the African American Board Leadership Institute and the board of the FEDCO Charitable Foundation. She just completed serving as Chair Emeritus of the Board of Directors of the California Community Foundation. A past president and former secretary of The Educational Records Bureau Board, Reveta Bowers was also a member of the Advisory Board to the Klingenstein Center at Teacher’s College for ten years. She served as an outside director on the Board of Directors of the Walt Disney Company for ten years and is a former member of the Harvard-Westlake, Brentwood and Windward School boards. Reveta was on the Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education board, and the boards of the National Association of Principals of Schools for Girls and the Country Day Headmaster’s Association. She served as a trustee and treasurer of the NAIS Board, and as past president of the California Association of Independent Schools. For the past thirteen years she has also been on the faculty of the NAIS Institute for New Heads where she serves as the Lead Faculty member. One of her proudest career moments was receiving the NAIS Diversity Leadership Award in 2009. She has had a long and rewarding career in independent schools and finds her work with organizations supporting education, students, parents, community and Board work to be continually inspiring.

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