How total physical response helps kids learn

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How total physical response helps kids learn

The total physical response approach is a wonderful way to incorporate movement into classroom instruction. By moving, the kids are much more active than if they were just sitting at a desk reading something, writing something or listening. One example that I do with my students is when we're learning inferences – and inference, of course, is when students read something in a book and they answer a question by finding a story clue, they combine it with their own knowledge, then they arrive at their inference. So to help the kids learn that, we do the 'inference chant' where I'll say, "Story clue…" The kids will open up their pretend book to the story. I'll say, "Plus…" We'll make a plus sign. "My own knowledge…" They'll say, "My own knowledge," by pointing to their brain. "Equals…" They'll do that. And then we'll make the 'I' for 'inference'. So by bringing in the body movements along with the words we have many more modalities at work and teachers increase the likelihood that the kids will learn the content.

Watch Steve Reifman's video on How total physical response helps kids learn...


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