The advantages of a u-shaped classroom

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The advantages of a u-shaped classroom

My favorite way to arrange the furniture in a classroom is in a U shape. With the desks in a U shape, that permits a great big classroom rug to be put inside, and it opens up a great deal of space. Also, when the desks are in a U shape, all the kids can face one another and see one another and it builds a wonderful sense of class community. When the kids are sitting at tables, and the kids have their backs to one another, it's very hard to do any kind of whole class sharing because some kids have to keep turning around. It doesn't permit the same kind of classroom community environment that the U shape allows, in their own desks, with that U shape. Then, when I do my classroom instruction, most of my classroom instruction is done when the kids are sitting on their own carpet squares. It's very easy for them to get up from their rugs and go back to their desks, so they are not sitting in one place for the whole day.
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Learn about: The advantages of a u-shaped classroom from Steve Reifman,...


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