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It’s natural to have a laundry list of questions during your pregnancy, especially if this is your first time or if you have had a prior miscarriage. read more
Tammy Nelson, PhD offers advice on how to keep romance and sexual energy alive when trying to conceive or dealing with infertility
Tammy Nelson, PhD, Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert, shares advice for couples on how to have the best sex possible while pregnant
Tammy Nelson, PhD, discusses the fears and feelings of men when their partners are pregnant and how they can still maintain a healthy sex life
See Alisa Donner, LCSW's video on Best advice for dads and caregivers...
Watch Adrian Kulp's video on How first-time dads can best support their pregnant partners...
Watch Video: The benefits of getting moms a "push gift" by Adrian Kulp, ...
Obstetrician & Gynecologist Jay Goldberg, MD, explains how it is safe to have sex during the entire pregnancy, but explains the few occurrences when it is discouraged
Obstetrician & Gynecologist Jay Goldberg, MD, explains how pregnancy can affect a woman's ability to have an orgasm during sex when she is pregnant
Obstetrician & Gynecologist Jay Goldberg, MD, explains how a woman's sex drive changes during pregnancy and the factors that influence how much it changes
Fertility Specialist Elaine Gordon, PhD. explains how infertility can affect a couple's sex life and shares advice on how to overcome the psychological barriers in order... read more
Armin Brott, Author and Radio Host, explains how pregnancy changes sex for couples through the different trimesters of pregnancy
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