Accredited and licensed preschools

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Accredited and licensed preschools

When looking at a preschool, you should ask if it's licensed and accredited. It's most important that it is a licensed preschool. This means that the preschool has met the requirements by the state or the city and paid the appropriate money, and also filled out the paperwork and has all the right requirements for a preschool. And so it is a good question to ask when you're on a tour. A preschool can, but is not always accredited. Accredited is a process that a school goes through to get an accreditation. And it means that you have met requirements and you have a stamp of approval, usually by a big organization, it depends on where you live, that you have met the requirements, you are a really good school, and you know how to teach children of this age and you are accredited. So it's a real stamp of approval to be accredited. And the schools, remember, go through a lot to get this accreditation. It's important to them. So do ask about it when you're on a tour. It also depends where you live and very much often, there's very good schools that are not accredited. So it doesn't mean not to go there; it just is a question to ask.

Watch Joanna Port's video on Accredited and licensed preschools...


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Joanna Port

Educational Specialist & Executive Director of PEL

Joanna Port is Executive Director of the Parents Education League (PEL) of Los Angeles. She holds a master's degree in Education from Pepperdine University and a master's degree in Social Work from University of Southern California. Before having four children of her own, she worked as a social worker with families and children in residential treatment. After she obtained her teaching credential, she worked as a teacher for four years. Coming back to work as PEL's Executive Director, she is able to combine her degrees and interest in education and children's mental health in her hometown, Los Angeles.

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