Preschool philosophies

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Preschool philosophies

There are two main preschool philosophies that you will find when looking for a preschool. They are developmental and academic. In developmental preschool, children are seen as growing and changing and learning at different rates. And so they look at children individually. And it's often play-based and child-centered classroom. In an academic setting, preschool children are gearing up to be ready for kindergarten. So often, children in those settings have an academic curriculum and they do teacher-directed lessons. Remember, when you go on a preschool tour that often the developmental and the academic overlap or intersperse. A developmental classroom will have some academics in it often and often an academic setting will have some developmental aspects to it. It's usually not strictly academic or strictly developmental. But those are the two prevailing philosophies. When you go on a tour, just remember, "What is the best fit for my child and my family when looking at philosophy?"

Learn about: Preschool philosophies from Joanna Port,...


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Joanna Port

Educational Specialist & Executive Director of PEL

Joanna Port is Executive Director of the Parents Education League (PEL) of Los Angeles. She holds a master's degree in Education from Pepperdine University and a master's degree in Social Work from University of Southern California. Before having four children of her own, she worked as a social worker with families and children in residential treatment. After she obtained her teaching credential, she worked as a teacher for four years. Coming back to work as PEL's Executive Director, she is able to combine her degrees and interest in education and children's mental health in her hometown, Los Angeles.

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