Play date safety tips

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Play date safety tips

Really and truly, when your child is going on another play date to another child's home, it's best to visit the home if you can, and get to know the parents. One of the most important questions to ask another family is if there are guns in the home. This is another area of high fatalities for children, from guns not being kept safely in the home. The way to keep a gun safely in the home is to have gun safes. You have one for your gun, and your store your ammunition separately in another gun safe. A gun safe should not be used by a key. Kids are curious, and they can find keys for things. You want to have a safe with a combination on it. Asking parents other questions, you might want to ask who else is going to be in the home? Are you going to be staying in the home or are you going to be taking my child somewhere else? You really, honestly, cannot predict every situation that is going to come up as a parent, so it's just best if you can get to know the other parents. Maybe suggest a play date in the park for getting to know the parents before you have your child go to someone else's home.

View Nancy Spigelman's video on Play date safety tips...


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