EEG as a diagnostic tool

Watch Video: EEG as a diagnostic tool by Erin Kayem, MS, CCC-SLP, ...
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EEG as a diagnostic tool

An EEG is an encephaligical study that is non-invasive, and we use it to measure brainwave activity. So there's a cap that we can put on the individual's head and it's got electrodes on it. And the electrodes are attached to different areas of the scalp. This allows us to collect data on how the brain is communicating from one zone of the brain to another zone. We need this information because it will help us determine which areas of the brain have too much power, which area of the brain has too little power, which areas are problem zones, and because we have already mapped out the brain we know where language lives, we know where movement lives. We are then able to determine specifically what areas of the brain are impacted in that particular individual. We have them performing different tasks, so it's functional in nature. So let's say they are doing a number memory task. They are trying to remember numbers. They are hooked up, and we are actually reading the grains' response to the task, as opposed to the behavioral response to the task. This is the best way to obtain data on what is going in that child or that individual's brain.

Watch Video: EEG as a diagnostic tool by Erin Kayem, MS, CCC-SLP, ...


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Erin Kayem, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist

As a Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Neurodevelopmental Learning Institute/Brain Enhancement Institute, Erin Kayem is a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, with a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association.

Erin graduated from the University of Manitoba, Canada, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Linguistics. She also graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders. Once completing her undergraduate work, Erin went on to obtain her Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology from Fort Hays State University in Kansas.

Erin has had extensive experience working with children of all ages in various medical and clinical settings. This has given her a strong background in all areas of child and adolescent speech and language delays/disorders, including, neurogenic speech and language disorders, oral motor and swallowing disorders, voice disorders and apraxia. Erin also specializes in the treatment of auditory processing disorders and other learning disabilities as they relate to speech and language development. She is a national speaker, author, trainer, and mother. Her years of dedication to the field have helped both children and adults.

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