Special Ed eligibility

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Special Ed eligibility

In order to prove that your child needs special education services, you must have your school conduct the necessary assessments. The assessments could be anything, such as, state tests, academic assessments, speech and language assessments. There are 13 categories in which a child may be found eligible for special education services: Autism, specific learning disability, other health impairment, What's important about "other health impairment," is that it is somewhat of a catch all. For example, if you have a child with ADHD. That's is where those kids go, other health impairments. It could be that a child has multiple disabilities. They don't really fit into one specific category, so they will give them the eligibility of other health impairment. There is many others as well.

View Dennise Goldberg's video on Special Ed eligibility...


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Dennise Goldberg

IEP Expert & President of Gold Standard Advocates

Dennise Goldberg is the owner of Special Education Advisor, a community of parents, educators, and special education service providers dedicated to helping families with children who have special needs understand their special education rights and receive appropriate special education services. Dennise also works as a Special Education Advocate in Southern California through her company, Gold Standard Advocates.  In this capacity she has helped children with all forms of disabilities receive a Free Appropriate Public Education. She is also the mother of a beautiful 11-year old boy who has dealt with developmental delays, apraxia of speech, fine motor delays, sensory issues, gross motor delays, and now has a learning disability (auditory processing disorder).

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