Special education services

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Special education services

Special education is specifically designed instruction to help educate a child at no cost to the parents. It is actually quite common in this country. Over 6 million children have IEPs, which means 13 percent of the student population. Special education can occur in any environment, including the regular educational setting. As a matter of fact, under the law, it states that special education must be performed in the least restrictive environment. What that means is that the child with the disability should be educated with the children who do not have a disability, to the maximum extent possible. With regards to related services, those are services designed to help educate a child with a disability, help them access the curriculum. That could be in the form or Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Adaptive PE, and many others; so they can receive a free, appropriate, public education.

Learn about: Special education services from Dennise Goldberg,...


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Dennise Goldberg

IEP Expert & President of Gold Standard Advocates

Dennise Goldberg is the owner of Special Education Advisor, a community of parents, educators, and special education service providers dedicated to helping families with children who have special needs understand their special education rights and receive appropriate special education services. Dennise also works as a Special Education Advocate in Southern California through her company, Gold Standard Advocates.  In this capacity she has helped children with all forms of disabilities receive a Free Appropriate Public Education. She is also the mother of a beautiful 11-year old boy who has dealt with developmental delays, apraxia of speech, fine motor delays, sensory issues, gross motor delays, and now has a learning disability (auditory processing disorder).

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