Dealing with competition

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Dealing with competition

So some kids love to play sports, but they don't like the winning and losing competition part of it. And one of the things I've done as a coach is to talk to the kids that one of the important things you learn in sports isn't just about winning; it's how to lose. Think about it. No one ever prepares us for how to lose, and yet, in life, many of the times we lose, we fail, we have to get back up, we have to deal with those things. So I talk to the kids before the game about how to deal with those things, and a child that has a difficult time with winning and losing, it helps de-escalate the whole possibility that, hey, they may lose a game.

Watch Geoff Wells's video on Dealing with competition...


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Geoff Wells

Dad, Lawyer & Coach

Geoff Wells is a law partner at Greene Broillet & Wheeler in Santa Monica California. He is a graduate of the University of Washington class of 1981, and was a pitcher on the baseball team. He then went on to graduate from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1985. He has been a youth and travel ball baseball coach since 2003. He is married to Janet Ray and has two children, Morgan and Garrett.

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