Involvement in hazing by adults

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Involvement in hazing by adults

One thing that parents don´t understand is that people that they would perceive as outsiders, alumni, other parents, other educators are often involved in the actual hazing. The University of South Carolina, death of Barry Blue, an alum was the sort of ringmaster leading people through the drinking ritual. Florida A&M, some staff members in the death of Robert Champion and band hazing had involvement in prior hazings where there was actually physical abuse. And they were let go. This is something the really has been under reported, not understood, and needs to be addressed. The fact that there is an adult presence often in this particular hazing. For me as a speaker, I have a lot of patience with high school students and I have a lot of patience with college students, but as an investigative reporter I have absolutely no respect or any understanding of adults who contribute to the delinquency of minors in regard to hazing. I believe that they ought to be punished but often the alumni skate a death. Case in point, Plattsburg State, a water torture death where a student named Walter Jennings was asked to drink more than five gallons of water. A couple of alumni went to jail. Others got away with it. And so, the law needs to understand that it has to look for a wider net when it is investigating hazing deaths.
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Watch Video: Involvement in hazing by adults by Hank Nuwer, ...


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Hank Nuwer

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Hank Nuwer is a writer and social critic who writes on the topic of hazing as an international human rights abuse issue and USA high school and campus safety issue. The State University of New York's Buffalo State College awarded him a Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1999 and Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters in 2006 for his long career as a hazing historian and researcher. His first investigative story on hazing appeared in 1978 for Human Behavior Magazine, including his groundbreaking interview on hazing as a form of Groupthink conducted with Groupthink theorist Irving Janis.  

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