Talking about hazing

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Talking about hazing

How do you talk to your son or daughter about hazing? I think what you need to do is to express what your values and principles are as a parent. For example, if you believe in self-respect. If you believe in respecting others, you wouldn't want to have hazing where people are denigrated, injured, or humiliated. You want to say, what can you do that is a positive experience like, mentoring in the group. You talk about what is good. You talk about what is bad. Then you ask questions to your son or daughter. "Is there a tradition going on that worries you?" "Is there a tradition that you have already joined with others?" "What's it like at school on the very first day? Is there any trauma that you may experience with some worries that you have that you think will happen?" "Is there a group of athletes known for hazing?" So, you ask some investigative reporter type questions so you know about the territory. If you find out that there are some problems, talk to other parents, talk to the school board, talk to administrators; but don't just wait for an incident to happen. If you wait, and something bad occurs, that's when it's almost too late to take some action.
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View Hank Nuwer's video on Talking about hazing...


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Hank Nuwer

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Hank Nuwer is a writer and social critic who writes on the topic of hazing as an international human rights abuse issue and USA high school and campus safety issue. The State University of New York's Buffalo State College awarded him a Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1999 and Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters in 2006 for his long career as a hazing historian and researcher. His first investigative story on hazing appeared in 1978 for Human Behavior Magazine, including his groundbreaking interview on hazing as a form of Groupthink conducted with Groupthink theorist Irving Janis.  

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