Joining a fraternity

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Joining a fraternity

Well, if your son wants to join a fraternity, you're asking yourself if this is a good thing or a bad thing. And you need to do your research to find out if it's a good reputable chapter that your son or daughter wants to join. You need to keep in mind that a national organization may have a wonderful oustanding chapter in Minnesota, let's say, and the same chapter by a different name in North Dakota may be a hazing organiation. How can you do your research? Go to the Dean of students at the school where your son wants to attend and ask about the track record of this particular organization; call up the national office and ask one of the staff members what is the reputation of your group? Can you tell me a little bit about it? Have there been any problems? How did you try to address those problems?

Learn about: Joining a fraternity from Hank Nuwer,...


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Hank Nuwer

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Hank Nuwer is a writer and social critic who writes on the topic of hazing as an international human rights abuse issue and USA high school and campus safety issue. The State University of New York's Buffalo State College awarded him a Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1999 and Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters in 2006 for his long career as a hazing historian and researcher. His first investigative story on hazing appeared in 1978 for Human Behavior Magazine, including his groundbreaking interview on hazing as a form of Groupthink conducted with Groupthink theorist Irving Janis.  

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