Signs of alcohol poisoning

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Signs of alcohol poisoning

What can I teach my son or daughter about the danger signs of alcohol poisoning? One of the things you should teach your son or daughter is that alcohol is not a game and drinking games should not be played. If they are, however, you look for things such as slurred speech. You look for somebody that is passed out. If they are passed out, maybe they are snoring. Maybe there are some visible signs, such as defecating or where they are acting out and being very irrational. That is a time where the other brothers or sisters in that fraternity or sorority put somebody to bed to sleep it off. Unfortunately, they often sleep it off forever. What you need to tell your son or daughter at that time is to call 9-1-1. You may be the only one who makes the call, but it is the right call to make. It is much better to face some kind of punishment because you did the right thing and got help, then to let an entire night pass and then have to call 9-1-1 because you have a dead body in the room with you.

View Hank Nuwer's video on Signs of alcohol poisoning...


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Hank Nuwer is a writer and social critic who writes on the topic of hazing as an international human rights abuse issue and USA high school and campus safety issue. The State University of New York's Buffalo State College awarded him a Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1999 and Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters in 2006 for his long career as a hazing historian and researcher. His first investigative story on hazing appeared in 1978 for Human Behavior Magazine, including his groundbreaking interview on hazing as a form of Groupthink conducted with Groupthink theorist Irving Janis.  

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