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So Ask FM is a website where you can ask anonymous questions to anyone who has an account. And there’s no way to figure out who asked or where that question is coming from. So anyone can see the account. These accounts aren’t private. So anything you say is seen by everybody. And what these girls did was there were questions about me and me being part of this group and their opinions on me basically. They would say, she’s ugly. We don’t like her. We’re not friends anymore. She’s not a part of the clique anymore. So that was another big sign to me that we’re not friends. That relationship was abolished. I was alienated from this group because of social media. And they knew everything about me. They knew my secrets. They knew who I was scared of. They knew who I liked, who I didn’t like. And any question that came in, I was scared that they would put out those answers, that they would give me away, and that I would have the short end of the stick not knowing what would be posted at any time of the day that could be deleted before I see it, that could be screen-shotted by anybody. And so a lot of the things that I told them were now public. There was no privacy on my end. There was nothing protecting me from telling people. And that’s what hurt me the most through Ask FM and Forum Spring was the fact that everything that I trusted them with was now public for everyone to see, for everyone to know. And I can’t go in and delete it. I can’t go in and say, this is spam. This is there forever. So that’s what cut into me the most, was knowing that I had no more privacy and no one had my back. No one wanted to protect. There were all – in my terms – out to get me instead of trying to be my friend as we were in the past.

Watch Bullied Children's video on Ask FM...


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Bullied Children

Children's Bullying Stories

In an effort to #EndBullying, Kids in the House interviewed kids from the Los Angeles area about their experiences with bullying. These children shared their stories to encourange and empower everyone they meet, whether in person or online.

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