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Laura's Story

Well, when I was small, I think I was in 2nd grade, there was a few girls who were jealous of me, because I tried my best to get good grades. One day she just came out of nowhere and punched me. And I fell to the ground and I messed up my wrist. And after that, she would always tease me and bully me because she knew that I couldn’t do anything. She thought I was weak. And she even took my bike from me since I lived very close to the school. And I think my last experience with bullying was a few girls were teasing me about my weight. And I guess I was trying too hard to fit in or I guess they just didn’t like me. They just bullied me and it made me feel horrible. It made me feel just like they said that I was worthless. I had no reason to live. I would say it isn’t their fault. It isn’t because of them. That they should try to get help from their parents, teachers. And they may be called a snitch, but either way all they want is help, a way to get out of the cycle of bullying. I got help from the assistant principal and the counselor. But I had to move away, so that’s when it really stopped. But it’s the saddest thing that the only way it could stop is for me to move out of that school.

View Bullied Children's video on Laura's Story...


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Bullied Children

Children's Bullying Stories

In an effort to #EndBullying, Kids in the House interviewed kids from the Los Angeles area about their experiences with bullying. These children shared their stories to encourange and empower everyone they meet, whether in person or online.

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