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Zoowee's Story

It started at the after school program. And the girls - there was two boys and two other girls. They weren’t my age. And I think they were at least going to the 9th, or maybe they were already in the 9th at this time. And they wanted to start a fight. It wasn’t just me. It was 3 other of my friends. We were going to the bathroom. And they were following us. And while they were following us they kept saying fad-or-nah, fad-or-nah, which basically means do you want to fight or not? And finally my friend she said nah. And I think it was at least a week later and they came up to me and they said, hey, the girl with the Sketchers. And I guess I was the only one. But I wasn’t really wearing Sketchers. I was wearing Nike’s. I said, me? She said, yeah. She said, do you want to fight? I said, no. I said, what’s the reason to fight? And she said, you and your little friends wanted to start a fight that first time. I said, no you guys were following us. And we said nah, we don’t want to fight you guys. We don’t know who you are. And my mom was there. So afterwards, I left. All my friends left. And I went to my mom. My mom got up and told them, which one of you guys are the ones trying to pick a fight with my daughter? And at first, they tried to get off the situation because they were scared. And once they got off the situation, my mom said, no, you guys can’t try to get off the situation with my daughter because she didn’t do anything. It was probably her friends. It wasn’t her. And even if it was her, there’s still no reason to fight her. Because you guys are older than her. You shouldn’t be fighting no 7th grader. And afterwards, they left, and we went back to my after school program. And we told my after school program supervisor, and they kicked the girls off the campus. And they came back, and they kept kicking them off every time they kept coming back. After that, they haven’t bothered me. I haven’t seen them since.

Watch Bullied Children's video on Zoowee's Story...


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In an effort to #EndBullying, Kids in the House interviewed kids from the Los Angeles area about their experiences with bullying. These children shared their stories to encourange and empower everyone they meet, whether in person or online.

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