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Zhenn's Story

I used to go to a school not far from here, about a freeway away. I used to get bullied a lot, like really a lot. You wouldn’t imagine how they used to kill me in there. It’s like torture, like you’re in a jail cell torture, like federal prison. You wouldn’t dare go to the school that I went to. I used to get bullied by a lot of people, people taller than me. I used to get hit. I used to get scarred. And I used to get pushed around. People used to call me fat, lazy, unworthy, stupid, faggot, gay. All the other words you can think about if they haven’t called me they would. At the school I go to now I get less bullied because I usually stick up for myself and say what’s right and why shouldn’t you do that. But they just laugh about it like it’s a joke. I need to do something like they would do. But I don’t hang around those people because when I was really little, I used to be like they were my friends and they used to make me do stuff that I wouldn’t want to do but I had to do. It used to be like if you don’t, we’ll kill you. Or we’re going to do something. Just the same thing, it was just like federal prison. You had to be in this gang or that gang, or something like that. I have no idea. In my mind I used to cry. Why are you treating me like this? What have I ever done to you? Every time there’s a new people in my school, they don’t pick on them. They pick on me, because they think I’m some fatso and I eat a lot. I just only eat a lot because I don’t like eating, but I just eat a lot. They think that’s a problem or they want me to be like them. I don’t want to be like that. I’m a very quiet person. That’s why you told me my voice needs to be higher. I’m a very quiet person. But when it comes to my sister or my mom, I’m very loud because that’s a safe environment. And if I do something wrong my mom tells me should fix this or fix that. I’m not going to do anything. Just fix this-that and we’ll be ready. Just like she told me to go to the interview. Just say what’s in your heart right now and that’s what I’m really doing. The meanest thing somebody ever said to me is my mom, my family doesn’t appreciate me. They don’t love me. That made me cry, in front of them. And the meanest thing they ever did to me is take away my backpack and throw it in the toilet. Like all my backpack and stuff and just throw it in the toilet like even the backpack and they flushed it. My backpack was soaking wet and there was feces in there. Like you wouldn’t imagine how long I wouldn’t hold that backpack and if I see them, I’m like, wow. I try to avoid everybody who messes with me, cause I don’t like fighting. I’m going to just say that right now. I’m like a lover. People say, oh, he does this-that. I had a bully in middle school who used to treat me like I was nothing. Just flat out nothing. He used to curse me when I didn’t do anything. He used to butt me. I have scars to prove it. He used to knock me on the ground in the gym. I went to summer camp and he used to do all of that. He was in that summer camp and I still haven’t, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I’m saying he needs some medical attention or something because I don’t approve of what he’s doing. When I used to go to school every morning, they used to catch me at the gate and beat me up. Just wail on me, like 5 different kids. Stomp on me, kick me, the boy that I was talking about, he had his 3 brothers they almost tried to hit me and they wouldn’t stop me. I had to run. I just flat out run when I see bullies. If anybody’s out there who needs a bully, I will help him. I’m not a person who says, no, I’m not going to do that. Or I’m not going to do this. I appreciate my mom, because my mom loves me. And sometimes yeah, I do get mad at her. Because sometimes I get irritated of her, but I still love her. And they say my mom doesn’t love me. She still loves me. But I don’t appreciate that they would do that to me. Why would I do that to you? That’s the first thing about bullying. Why would you do that to someone else? And they never did anything. Just like girls, the same thing as girls, like my sister. She threatened and they said, want to fight you. Like what’s the reason of doing that? Like why would you want to do that? She hasn’t done anything to you.

Learn about: Zhenn's Story from Bullied Children,...


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