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Well, both of my kids were being bullied, one more than the other. My kids are called names all the time. They’re verbally abused. They’re physically abused. They’re humiliated. Form of a sexual abuse. My kids, both of them, have been pantsed, where their underwear, pants were pulled down. My son has been beat up by groups. He’s been beat up by special education kids. He just always beat up, at least once a week, and that’s the very least. Because they’re very different from the kids they’re in the neighborhood with. They’re kind of sheltered, because the neighborhood is pretty dangerous. And then when I go to the school, which I’m always at, to complain, the administrators and the teachers tell me it’s just the neighborhood. The other kids, the other parents don’t care. Which is not an excuse for me. I’ve had to – my kid cries himself to sleep sometimes. He’s ashamed. He doesn’t want to go to school. And they’re both smart kids. They get good report cards. I’m just afraid that it’s going to damage their self-esteem and even worse cause their grades to fall, because that’s a problem that I have to deal with. But so far, daily, I’m telling them to do better. Deal with it. We have our ways of dealing with it and I have to stay on them all the time. I just refuse to have them fail because of our environment. That has to be hard for a kid. I was bullied in school too, so I understand, but I pushed through it. My father was very supportive. He used to say, what difference does it make what they say. And I just reiterate that to my children. But it gets hard. The tears. It’s hard. And then another thing is when I go to the school to confront the teacher or the VP, they kids are rowdy with me. I had one kid try to hit me on my backside. I’m like, are you supposed to be touching me? That was terrible to me. And the teacher was like, oh, whatever. I’m like, oh whatever nothing. And then when I react. And when I react, then I’m the rowdy parent. And the school does nothing. I talk to the police. They do nothing. I don’t know what to do other than just keep writing it down in my book until I find a solution. It’s hard. And they call my daughter and my son, they’re both gay. They talk about the way that they talk. Because to them they talk different. Anything they can talk about, they do. They talk about me, call me all kinds of names. It is out of control. And it seems to happen in the inner city schools quite a bit. If you look different, you talk different, if you’re just different, it happens a lot. So we have to walk around on guard all the time. And I’m fed up, tired, frustrated, sad mostly. I’m just sad. Cause no one seems to care. There’s a liaison between the school board and the parent. You can’t even get to them. There’s like a board or something. And to me they’re set up to tell you what not to do so the board’s not responsible. Throw it back on the school and the school throws it back on the board and you’re just bouncing around between these three. It’s ridiculous. But I did. I tried with the school board. And I had the man, he was attentive. And he told me to write a letter to the superintendent, which I did. He didn’t give it to the principal. He acted like I didn’t even exist, the principal. I dealt with the VP who seemed to care more. But he just threw around, it’s the neighborhood. That’s all I could get. And then I talked to the police. And I said if they’re pulling my kids pants down, what is this? They didn’t actually sexually assault them. No one cares. And what’s really crazy is that I as a parent am upset. No one likes to get loud and vulgar and ignorant. No one likes to be that way. But of course that’s how they stereotype me as a black female in this neighborhood. If they drive me to that and I get that way because they’re not responding to my child being physically hurt, then I am in trouble. Then I’m the person. They’re looking at me like I did something wrong. I don’t understand it. So all I can do is hold it in and write while my kid gets beat up all the time. It’s incredible. And we have some parents who come to the school. I say, okay, let me talk to the parent then. You guys won’t do anything. Let me talk to the parent. Oh, we don’t want to hear it because she’s loud and ignorant. Not me, the other lady. So I’m like, why is she loud and ignorant? Is that my problem? Can you not handle this situation? Can I not talk to the other parent with you in the room? What am I supposed to do here? I don’t even know what to do. You’re talking about a parent that I walk my kids to school. I don’t just drop him off. I don’t let him walk on his own. No way would I let him walk to school on his own from where I live. I see lots of kids doing that, I think, what the heck? I walk him to school. I walk him home. I have him in an after school program. I’m attentive. I’m there with the teacher. I’m at the parent-teacher conferences. And it’s just me. And it seems like there’s no, they don’t care. The rest of the parents are laying down, asleep, smoking weed, getting high, whatever they think, and you’re the one that’s not, so you’re bothering us. That’s what I get.

Watch Bullied Children's video on Zoeie's Story...


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