Disagreeing with schools about a child's diagnosis

Watch Video: Disagreeing with schools about a child's diagnosis by Jennifer Cassatly, PsyD, ...
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Disagreeing with schools about a child's diagnosis

Whenever a parent is concerned that their child has a learning disability, the first step is talking with the child´s teachers. If the teachers aren´t reporting or indicating that they think that there is a learning difference but a parent remains concern, a parent should absolutely follow up and ask for an evaluation whether through the school district or with someone privately in the community. When parents have concerns about their children having learning differences or not performing as well as they expect in school, it´s important that they pay attention to that. I think no one knows the student better than a parent. And in terms of informing expectations of a child based on his or her ability and then seeing a difference in their work productivity or wondering what an obstacle might be in their performance is something that a parent should consider. Also, just because a student is earning average or adequate grades doesn´t mean that he or she doesn´t have a learning disability, When children are bright or gifted, they often and have a learning disorder. They often actually perform at grade level because they are that bright they are performing at the domain that we would expect to see a student. However, that is far below what their actual abilities are and is a source of frustration. And it can be really challenging for them.

Watch Video: Disagreeing with schools about a child's diagnosis by Jennifer Cassatly, PsyD, ...


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Jennifer Cassatly, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Cassatly has extensive training and experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families. She specializes in addressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, academic challenges, and low self-esteem that are often associated with youth diagnosed with learning differences, ADHD, and behavioral problems. She consults with school personnel and parents about special education, and collaborates with experts in associated fields including psychiatry, educational therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and alternative/holistic therapies. In addition, she has worked as an adjunct professor and supervises doctoral interns in both her practice and in community agencies. Dr. Cassatly is committed to community service and has been actively involved with A Home Within, Venice Family Clinic, and The Housing and Education Program at the YMCA, Santa Monica.

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