Signs of dyslexia

Learn about: Signs of dyslexia from Jennifer Cassatly, PsyD,...
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Signs of dyslexia

The typical signs of dyslexia or a reading disorder, often can manifest as early as when a child is learning the alphabet. However, it is more easily detected when a child is in the Third Grade because the expectations for reading are increased. Things that I would look for in an evaluation of a child for a reading disorder is, what's their rate of reading, are they reading at grade level, what's their reading comprehension, and what's their reading vocabulary. The difficulty with memorizing or recognizing letters, letter reversal, difficulty pairing the letter sound with the symbol. Other areas would be that they can read the words, but they don't understand what they are reading. They may not have a reading vocabulary that is as developed as we expected. Their rate of reading may be very, very slow; which impacts reading because it takes so long to get through the passage, it's hard to recall the information that you first read.

Learn about: Signs of dyslexia from Jennifer Cassatly, PsyD,...


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Jennifer Cassatly, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Cassatly has extensive training and experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families. She specializes in addressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, academic challenges, and low self-esteem that are often associated with youth diagnosed with learning differences, ADHD, and behavioral problems. She consults with school personnel and parents about special education, and collaborates with experts in associated fields including psychiatry, educational therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and alternative/holistic therapies. In addition, she has worked as an adjunct professor and supervises doctoral interns in both her practice and in community agencies. Dr. Cassatly is committed to community service and has been actively involved with A Home Within, Venice Family Clinic, and The Housing and Education Program at the YMCA, Santa Monica.

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