Subtle signs of eating disorders

Watch Video: Subtle signs of eating disorders by Lisa Stern, MD, ...
Subtle signs of eating disorders | Kids in the House
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Subtle signs of eating disorders

The first signs of an eating disorder can be really subtle. You have to pay attention. Those signs can be your daughter is skipping meals, she's not finishing her food, she says she's full, her clothes are hanging loose, she's wearing an extra sweatshirt. When you ask her, usually these girls have a lot of excuses as to why they are not eating or why they are wearing an extra sweatshirt. It is really important not to ignore these early warning signs. The longer these patterns exist and become entrenched, the harder the eating disorder is to treat. You really want to nip this one in the butt.

Watch Video: Subtle signs of eating disorders by Lisa Stern, MD, ...


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Lisa Stern, MD


Dr. Lisa is a pediatrician at Tenth Street Pediatrics in Santa Monica. Following her training at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and UCLA Medical Center she began to practice a style of medicine that encourages a common sense approach to health and wellness. She empowers parents to use the resources available to them and teaches them to trust their own judgment. She feels strongly that people come to parenthood with their own history and it is valuable to have a objective third party to discuss the big and small issues that parents face on a daily basis. Lisa's patients range from healthy children to those with complex medical histories.


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