Benefits of teen jobs

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Benefits of teen jobs

I think having a job is great for a teen. Now their number 1 job is to get their schoolwork done and I know that it could be hard to balance both but if teens had a job, it really builds responsibility. It build self-esteem. It helps them to go out into the world and for the first time get feedback from the world that helps them know I am being responsible, I am doing a good job. My boss is pleased with me and nothing is better than having those kind of messages. So it can be babysitting. It can be volunteering somewhere. You might set up your child with a friend who has a shop of some kind, Any opportunity for them to be working with other adults or volunteering, Now one tip if they do work for somebody that you know I think it is important that that boss give a feedback if your child is having problem with being late, texting on the phone, or in some other way not willingly doing what they should be doing. I think it is very important that you not, as a parent, be involved but you let that boss be the one and that is going to teach that child something even wind up being fired, it is going to be a valuable valuable learning lesson.
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View Cynthia G. Whitham, LCSW's video on Benefits of teen jobs...


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Cynthia G. Whitham, LCSW

Director, UCLA Parenting & Children’s Friendship Program

Cynthia G. Whitham, LCSW, Director of the UCLA Parenting and Children’s Friendship Program, has been training parents for over 30 years. She is the author of two books, Win the Whining War & Other Skirmishes: A family peace plan, and The Answer is NO: Saying it & sticking to it, which have been translated into nine languages. In addition to her UCLA group classes, Ms. Whitham has a private practice on the east and west sides of Los Angeles. In 2000, she spent a month training clinicians at the National Institute of Mental Health of Japan. A lively speaker, Ms. Whitham does presentations and trainings for schools and organizations. Ms. Whitham raised two happy, healthy, and (relatively) well-behaved children (she thinks that may be the best credential of all). Daughter Miranda McLeod is a fiction author and is in a PhD program at Rutgers University. With sadness, Cynthia tells us that her son Kyle died in 2007, within months of graduating from San Francisco State University.

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