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Birth Control

Talking to teens about it.

I think the most important thing for parents to digest is the sober news that about 80% of human beings have sex before their 19th birthday, for the first time. So, we want that experience to be safe, we want this experience to be loving, and we want this experience to teach them something about how to have a healthy relationship.When we only teach abstinence, we're doing our kids a disservice. What works for kids and what they want is a strong message of abstinence or postponement coupled with information about birth control and how to protect themselves from STDs.

Teaching Contraception in High School

Research does show that among teens whose parents discuss contraceptive use with them, that those teens are much more likely to use contraceptives the first time they have sex. So whether you decide to give your teen contraceptives or not, do have have the talk about it. It is important for teens to not only learn about contraception at home, but they also should be learning about it in school.  ... Read more

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a 25 percent drop in the U.S.
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