What teen boys need to know about teen girls

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What teen boys need to know about teen girls

It's really important for parents to talk to their teen boys about the emotional experience of dating, mating and relating for girls because girls have a very different experience than boys do. And also, it's more common for parents to only talk to boys about sex and plumbing and STDs and condoms. But really, young girls are not thinking about that, all right? So women self-identify by the way they bond, through their relationships. If you ask a girl who she is, she is not going to tell you her grades, her major, her job is she's older. She's going to tell you that she's a daughter, she's a sister, she's a mother, she's a wife, she's a girlfriend. This is just how women self-identify. Our relationships are very important to us. So because when all the hormones are charging in teenage life, some guys, but not all, most guys actually want to have a girlfriend, surveys have shown, and want to have friendship before they have sex. But the few of them are thinking, "I just want to ride this new machine" with all the hormones going. But girls are having a very different experience because girls often bond through physical touch. Their bodies excrete oxytocin, the female bonding hormone. The same one that comes out when they're breastfeeding. So it's really important when guys start to say "It shouldn't be too crazy. I only talked to her a couple of times, and now she's calling me every day day or she's texting me all the time." Because girls have feelings and emotion and they get into a bonding experience. It's very important that teenage boys understand that it's very difficult for a girl to separate sex and commitment. For them it all gets bundled into one.

View Wendy Walsh, PhD's video on What teen boys need to know about teen girls...


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