Keeping children safe from online predators

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Keeping children safe from online predators | Kids in the House
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Keeping children safe from online predators

There's a real threat for online predators. It shouldn't scare you from engaging online but you should look at the signs. Typically child predators will look at public information, what shool you go to; what teams they might participate; they look at what the kids might be saying on Facebook and they begin to create and understand all these intimate details and they hear what the child needs and they start to feed it. They say that they understand the child and they create this report with the child and at some point that predator is going to shift. They're going to take this online relationsihp that exists in the virtual world and shift it to the physical world. And it's that moment, it's that point that the child has to step up and make a good decision and feel comfortable that they can go to the parent and they can say, hey, this feels a little unsafe. This feels a little strange.

View Jonathon Fishman's video on Keeping children safe from online predators...


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Jonathon Fishman is passionate about technology.  Not for what it does, but for where it can lead you. The idea for his company, Ben’s Ranch, struck Jonathon when his stepmother asked his advice in buying a computer for her grandson. She didn't care about the brand or specs, she simply wanted to know how it would help her Grandson.  Jonathon realized that technical support was centered around rescue, repair and complicated conversations. He believed that the conversation should start with how does technology empower the use. Ben's Ranch became the industry standard for personal and small business IT by shifting the conversation repair to usability. Jonathon is happily married and the father of a seven-year old and a nine-year old.

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