Do kids need computers?

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Do kids need computers?

Technology changes every day, and it's moving forward. And the most important thing as a parent is to recognize that your children use technology for every facet of their life. They use it to schedule activities, to socialize, for entertainment. They don't watch TV. They don't do the things we did as kids. So it's important to acknowledge that. And maybe take two steps in their direction and say, this is how they live, and think about how we can engage that in a constructive and safe way versus just trying to hold back because we're afraid. We're afraid of predators or we're afraid that they're going to expose themselves. Or I'm just uncomfortable because I don't understand it. There's a balance in life with technology that you need to allow them a little bit of rope to engage with that technology, but put a little bit of structure around it so you know they're making good decisions and you know they're safe.

Watch Video: Do kids need computers? by Jonathon Fishman, ...


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Jonathon Fishman

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Jonathon Fishman is passionate about technology.  Not for what it does, but for where it can lead you. The idea for his company, Ben’s Ranch, struck Jonathon when his stepmother asked his advice in buying a computer for her grandson. She didn't care about the brand or specs, she simply wanted to know how it would help her Grandson.  Jonathon realized that technical support was centered around rescue, repair and complicated conversations. He believed that the conversation should start with how does technology empower the use. Ben's Ranch became the industry standard for personal and small business IT by shifting the conversation repair to usability. Jonathon is happily married and the father of a seven-year old and a nine-year old.

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