Managing video game use

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Managing video game use

Video games are some of the most challenging things for parents. It's such a big industry, and it's everywhere. The first thing in understanding how to manage video games is to set where you want your children to actually play video games. Do you want it to be in the living room in a console? Do you want it to be at an iPod touch with video games? Where is it? Start that pathway, and define where the video games are actually going to happen. Second, usage, usage, usage - set usage limits. In my household we say, 30 minutes of media whether they want to watch TV, or they want to play video games. It's up to you as a parent. But it's important to set that parameter as to when they can use it and for how long. Lastly, and this is really important, check in on a content. Younger kids' games is one thing, but as they start to get up in the Xbox and Play Station games, the games become violent and have very sexual themes. It's important that you not just look at the box, but actually look at the graphics. Watch your kids playing the game.

Learn about: Managing video game use from Jonathon Fishman,...


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Jonathon Fishman is passionate about technology.  Not for what it does, but for where it can lead you. The idea for his company, Ben’s Ranch, struck Jonathon when his stepmother asked his advice in buying a computer for her grandson. She didn't care about the brand or specs, she simply wanted to know how it would help her Grandson.  Jonathon realized that technical support was centered around rescue, repair and complicated conversations. He believed that the conversation should start with how does technology empower the use. Ben's Ranch became the industry standard for personal and small business IT by shifting the conversation repair to usability. Jonathon is happily married and the father of a seven-year old and a nine-year old.

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