How Common Sense Media assists educators in the classroom

Watch Linda Burch, MBA's video on How Common Sense Media assists educators in the classroom...
How Common Sense Media assists educators in the classroom | Kids in the House
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How Common Sense Media assists educators in the classroom

Common Sense Media has a tonne of resources for schools, because we know this is the place where parents, teachers and kids come together and where issues around media and technology surface for kids. We have a K2 digital literacy and citizenship that is in over 55,000 schools across the country and it teaches the basics of how to be safe, responsible and respectful on the internet with digital devices. We're essentially teaching kids how to be great digital citizens and it teaches about privacy, how to not cyber-bully, how to respect creative work; the kids embrace this, because they are living as 24-7, this is their digital life and they don't actually think about any difference between their real life and their digital life, but they know that they're creating a world that they gotta live in in the future and so, everything from how to set the privacy controls on Facebook to how not to cyber-bully to how do you respect creative work in a world of mashups, is part of this curriculum. So, for example, you know, kids live in this cut and paste culture, where everything can be copied and sent in a flash, so kids learn how to protect their own privacy, how to respect the privacy of others and how to think about privacy in their community as a whole. I mean, when a kid tags somebody else in a photo, they're not really reflecting on a fact that that's going public to the world and once you sit down with them, and you, in a kind of classroom setting talk about these issues, all of a sudden the light bulb goes off and they're thinking about this in a very different way. It's kind of like Spider-man, with these great powerful tools comes great responsibility. In addition to the curriculum, we also have education for parents that can be delivered through schools and it's really media rich, lots of video, lots of scenarios really giving you the language of how to talk to your kids about this digital world. And we also have something that we call the digital passport, which is on-boarding for the internet and it's a set of mini games the kids play and they learn about privacy and cyber-bullying and how to be respectful when they are on their cell phones and they play these games and they get badges and when they're done, they get a digital passport and in schools today, they're using it as on-boarding to the internet before you hand out an iPad or an email password from the school. And at home, parents are using the digital passport to give them a little bit more confidence that their upper elementary school child is ready to go out on to the internet.

Watch Linda Burch, MBA's video on How Common Sense Media assists educators in the classroom...


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Linda Burch, MBA

Chief Education & Strategy Officer

Linda Burch is a co-founder and the Chief Education and Strategy Officer of Common Sense Media, a not-for-profit dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and the independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology. Linda leads Common Sense Media’s education efforts, new program and strategy development.   She is the architect of Common Sense Media’s K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship program that is now being used in over 35,000 schools across the country.  Her current focus is on steering strategic development of Common Sense Media’s new learning ratings initiative and establishing international partnerships to bring Common Sense Media’s digital literacy and citizenship programs to countries around the globe.   

Prior to Common Sense, Linda was Senior Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Planning at SyStemix, a biotechnology company that she helped build and then sold to Novartis. From 1985 to 1990 she was a strategic management consultant at McKinsey & Company in New York, where she served healthcare and consumer-products companies and prior to that she spent five years in investment banking at Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch, where she negotiated joint ventures between U.S. technology companies and the People's Republic of China.  Linda received her MBA from Stanford University and her bachelor's degree from Yale.  She has two kids who love media as much as they love being outside.




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