Discussing internet pornography

Learn about: Discussing internet pornography from Amy Lang, MA,...
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Discussing internet pornography

It´s very important to talk about internet pornography with your children because they are going to see it. No child escapes puberty without seeing porn. The time to start is when they are really young, about seven, and just let them know sometimes people look at videos of naked people on the internet. It´s not okay for kids to look at this because their hearts and minds aren´t ready to see this kind of thing. It´s really for adults. When your kids get to be about nine or 10, you need to be more explicit and say sometimes people look at videos of people having sex. It´s not okay for kids to look at this sort of thing. It can be very confusing and upsetting because this is adult stuff. Sex is for adults. It´s not for kids. When you talk to your children about this, be sure to be very clear with them that they will not be in trouble if they tell you they´ve seen porn. It happens accidentally when they are doing homework. Stuff pops up. If you don´t have parental controls on your computer, you need to have parental controls on your computer. Again, no child will escape puberty without seeing porn and the average a child sees porn on the internet is 10 and a half.

Learn about: Discussing internet pornography from Amy Lang, MA,...


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Amy Lang, MA

Sex Education Expert

Despite her 16 years of experience as a sexual health educator, Amy Lang found herself completely tongue-tied when her four year old son had "something very important" to tell her about his penis. Shocked by her discomfort, she realized if she was struggling, other parents must be too. Amy also holds an MA in Applied Behavioral Science and her focus was in adult education and group facilitation. She decided to combine her love of sex talking and her love of working with adults and started Birds + Bees + Kids in 2006.

Amy is a three time Mom’s Choice Award winner for her book, Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids - A Guide To Sharing Your Beliefs About Sexuality, Love and Relationships and DVD, Birds + Bees + Kids - The Basics. She is also the author of the book, Say What?! The Birds + Bees for Progressive Parents - What to Say and How to Say It!

She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Seattle Magazine, Parent Map magazine and has contributed to a gazillion other publications. Sex advice guru Dan Savage says “Amy is a parent’s best friend-with-benefits when it comes to talking to kids about sex.” 

Though Birds + Bees + Kids, Amy helps parents of all beliefs have easy, open and effective conversations about sexuality, love and relationships with their kids. She offers talks, workshops, one-on-one consultations and live webcasts. Amy is also the co-founder of MamaCON - Inspiration and Tools for Modern Moms, a conference supporting the hard work of moms everywhere.

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