When a child throws a tantrum in public

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When a child throws a tantrum in public

It can be really embarrassing when a child throws a tantrum in public; it happens to everybody. What do you do when it happens? The answer is, fortunately or unfortunately, is that you just need to get through it. You have to be the calming force for them because, when they are having a meltdown like that, you can't rationalize them through it and you certainly can't punish a child for having a tantrum. When a child has a tantrum, it's just an expression of their feelings. They are really upset. Punishing them is only going to make it worse. If you can isolate them, if you can get them out of the grocery store and give them some space, that's great. Really it's about getting down at their eye level and calming them. "I can see you are really upset. You really wanted that balloon and you are really sad. I get it." Wait it out as peacefully as you can.

Watch Gila Brown, MA's video on When a child throws a tantrum in public...


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Gila Brown, MA, MFT

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A middle school teacher turned child development specialist, Gila Brown, MA, MA, is the creator of Harmony Rules: How to Parent Confidently and Raise Super Kids.  With over 15 years of experience working with kids of all ages, Gila has helped countless parents transform life at home, enjoying a greater sense of peace and more rewarding relationships with their kids. Known for her fluency in ‘kid-speak’, Gila helps parents who are facing regular power struggles by giving them tools and strategies to respond with positive discipline and effective communication.

After receiving her BA from USC, Gila began her career in museum education and family programming.  She went on to receive her MA in human development from Pacific Oaks College, along with a teaching credential. After years of classroom teaching, Gila shifted gears deciding that she could best help kids by helping their parents. As a child development specialist, Gila earned an MA in clinical psychology from Antioch University. Her expertise and background in both education and psychology give her a unique perspective on child behavior and the family system.

Gila is in private practice in Beverly Hills where she works with individual adults and parents.  She also specializes in working with families coping with divorce. Gila teaches parenting workshops through numerous schools and parenting organizations.

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