Creating a family emergency plan

Learn about: Creating a family emergency plan from Hilary Anderson, MA,...
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Creating a family emergency plan

The most important part with any plan is to start talking--talk to your family, your co-workers, your neighbors, the people who are involved in your emergency plans. Start with talking. Identify your strengths, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities. Then start putting things into place to solve those problems. For example, if you live in a high-rise building, you may need to have an additional evacuation plan that takes that into consideration. If you live in the second story or third story of a building, have a fire escape ladder. We like to think in terms of the "Rule of Two." You want two evacuation routes, so you have an additional way to get out of the building. You want two meeting places--one close by and one a little bit further away. You want to practice it--practice, practice, practice--twice a year. When you're doing that practicing, that's a good opportunity to check your supplies as well. Make sure that they're up-to-date--you don't want to take any expired food or medication. We talk, we plan, and then we practice.

Learn about: Creating a family emergency plan from Hilary Anderson, MA,...


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Hilary Anderson, MA

American Red Cross

Hilary Anderson has been with the American Red Cross for the past three and a half years as a volunteer and staff member in positions with communications, disaster relief, development and volunteer services. As the Preparedness and Resiliency Manager, her primary responsibility is the delivery of educational programming across the Los Angeles region to get individuals, schools, businesses and organizations prepared for a disaster. As a dog owner, she also hopes to get your pets ready too! Hilary has a master’s degree in International Policy Studies with an emphasis in humanitarian assistance as well as a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Journalism and German. She has worked for non-profits abroad in Israel, Bolivia and Germany focusing on grant writing, youth and education and also feeding and sheltering. 

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