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Meet Eileen Friscia

Hi. I'm Eileen Friscia. I'm a Director for Resource and Referral Program here at the Child Care Resource Center in Los Angeles County. But, I'm also a mother of 3, 3 beautiful children. And, now, I have a granddaughter who's 4 months old. My hobbies right now are my granddaughter, Scarlet, but I also enjoy California a lot, kayaking and anytime I can camp at the beach here in California.
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View Eileen Friscia's video on Meet Eileen Friscia...


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Eileen Friscia

Child Care Specialist & Program Director of CCRCLA

Eileen Friscia is dedicated to working with families and children. She has over 30 years in the early childhood profession combined with early childhood development education, experience in program development and implementation, parent relations, strategic planning, and administration. Eileen has worked at the Child Care Resource Center for the past 17 years and has participated on many local, county and statewide workgroups and committees.


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