Child care centers vs. in-home care

See Eileen Friscia's video on Child care centers vs. in-home care...
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Child care centers vs. in-home care

So what's the difference between a family child-care home and a child care center? Those are two licensed programs. In a family child-care home, they're smaller. Again, they vary state to state, but family child-care homes. They usually have about a dozen children in them. Centers can be larger. In family child-care homes, there's usually one person who his taking care of the children. In centers you have larger classrooms and more people in there. So the main difference that you want to look for is the age of your child and the temperament of your child. So when you're looking, which one is best? The family child-care home or the center, it's going to depend on your child and your child's needs. Family child-care home, a lot of times parents that have very young children - infants and toddlers - there is a primary caregiver, so they'll choose a family child-care home. For children that are getting ready to go to school, they need to have a lot larger group and more interaction, parents will choose a center. Both of them are very good. And both of them can be very good. It's your responsibility to check out both programs.

See Eileen Friscia's video on Child care centers vs. in-home care...


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Eileen Friscia

Child Care Specialist & Program Director of CCRCLA

Eileen Friscia is dedicated to working with families and children. She has over 30 years in the early childhood profession combined with early childhood development education, experience in program development and implementation, parent relations, strategic planning, and administration. Eileen has worked at the Child Care Resource Center for the past 17 years and has participated on many local, county and statewide workgroups and committees.


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