Ways to afford child care

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Ways to afford child care

If I can't afford daycare, what would my options be? There is different types of childcare. There is anything from your family friends and neighbors or a nanny. There's a big difference in those costs. There are also licensed programs between family care centers, and there can be differences in those costs. What you'll want to do is check with your current provider. Some licensed programs have sliding fee scales, they have scholarships. If you are a parent that is income eligible, you may qualify for a program that is in your area. If you are a parent that is not going to work, but you still want to have your child in childcare, there are other options. There are co-ops. Co-ops are where parents get together and they actually do the care for different children within that group. So there's no cost to the parent, but you are putting your time in. There are also Mommy and Me programs that most parks and recreation centers where your child will get socialization and some of the opportunities that you want them to have. That won't cost you anything either.

View Eileen Friscia's video on Ways to afford child care...


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Eileen Friscia

Child Care Specialist & Program Director of CCRCLA

Eileen Friscia is dedicated to working with families and children. She has over 30 years in the early childhood profession combined with early childhood development education, experience in program development and implementation, parent relations, strategic planning, and administration. Eileen has worked at the Child Care Resource Center for the past 17 years and has participated on many local, county and statewide workgroups and committees.


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