Meet Michele Borba, EdD

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Meet Michele Borba, EdD

I'm Michele Borba. I'm an educational psychologist. I'm a parenting expert. I've written about 22 books but it all started back as a special education teacher when I just learn more from the kids than I did from any of bit of research or certainly my doctoral degree. Along the way, I've been able to work with almost a million parents and teachers on four different continents. I'm now working as an ambassador of the One Laptop for Child program distributing laptops to kids in third world countries and it's just the most glorious concept that you could possibly imagine. My heart just pitter-patter each time. I'm also lucky. I've got three boys, phenomenal kids. They're grown now. My favorite thing to do is be with them, be with my husband, be with my dogs, be up in the mountains reading and being with my friends. I think parenting is the most important role of our lives and I'm just blessed to be able to help parents and help them learn the power they have to make a difference on their kids’ lives.
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Watch Michele Borba, EdD's video on Meet Michele Borba, EdD...


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Michele Borba, EdD

Educational Psychologist

Michele Borba, EdD is a Today Show contributor and recipient of the National Educator Award. She is recognized for her practical, solution-based parenting strategies and is an expert of bullying. Michele is the author of 22 books including Building Moral Intelligence and No More Misbehavin’. She appears as an expert on shows such as Dr. Phil, The View, and CNN and is an advisory board member for Parentsmagazine. 

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