Handling steroid use

Watch Michele Borba, EdD's video on Handling steroid use...
Handling steroid use | Kids in the House
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Handling steroid use

If you think your child is taking steroids then act on it, because it will do real havoc to your child’s health and well being. And by the way, steroid use is not something that’s just going on with professional athletes. We’re seeing an increase particularly in our middle school kids, boys as well as girls. So what you’re looking for are what are called doping signs. The first one is a deeper voice, increased acne, a faster increase in weight or muscle mass, all of a sudden a lot of facial hair or bodily hair, a more aggressive behavior patterns or a marked change in personality. What do you do? Get help from a doctor. But number two is look for some other, subtle signs. Most kids are buying steroids directly off of the Internet. Watch and monitor your child’s Internet. And number two is look at your credit care, because they’re ordering it straight off of it, your credit card could be charged. And finally, don’t overlook your child’s coach or the local gym – those seem to be the two hottest spots where kids are buying or at least being delivered steroids these days.

Watch Michele Borba, EdD's video on Handling steroid use...


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Michele Borba, EdD

Educational Psychologist

Michele Borba, EdD is a Today Show contributor and recipient of the National Educator Award. She is recognized for her practical, solution-based parenting strategies and is an expert of bullying. Michele is the author of 22 books including Building Moral Intelligence and No More Misbehavin’. She appears as an expert on shows such as Dr. Phil, The View, and CNN and is an advisory board member for Parentsmagazine. 

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