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Meet Sasha Borenstein

My name is Sasha Borenstein and I have been an educator for my whole life. Education is really important to me and it is my passion. I have other passions also. I've learned to sing at the ripe, old age of sixty something and I love singing very much. And even when I'm doing that, I'm saying, "So how do I learn? How does the brain work? And how do I feel about myself as a learner?" Those are the things that have carried me through as being the director of the Kelter Center. When I work with students, children, adolescents and adults, everyone wants to be a learner for their whole life. And that is the passion of what I have done my whole life is to understand the brain, learning and how to teach that in an interesting, engaging and also fun way.
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Watch Video: Meet Sasha Borenstein by Sasha Borenstein, ...


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Sasha Borenstein

Educational Specialist

Sasha Borenstein has lived and worked in Los Angeles since she went to UCLA for her undergraduate work. She spent one year in Israel, half a year in Japan, and performed graduate work at Teachers' College Columbia. Sasha started the Kelter Center 34 years ago - her goal being that every student, child, adolescent, adult be able to learn how to learn and to maximize their potential as learners and human beings. 

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