When to get a tutor

Watch Video: When to get a tutor by Sasha Borenstein, ...
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When to get a tutor

Many parents ask: When should I seek tutoring for my child? That question can be answered by looking at what is being taught and the learner and their learning abilities. If a student begins school and they learn a little more quickly in school, they may become bored and focus on what's happening outside on the playground. Children who are efficient learners may not pay attention because they become bored. They then lose information and it looks like they don't know how to learn. Other students may learn more slowly than what the teacher is teaching. So the teacher is going really fast and the student can't keep up with that rate of learning. When you begin school, everybody begins to learn how to read and to spell and do mathematics, but the pace of learning increases. If you are going too fast or too slow, there's a gap between what is being expected of you and what you know how to do. Tutoring working one-on-one work with a student, can really help to close that gap. The most important thing to know is: What does my child need help on? How do they learn? Finding someone who really understand learning as well as someone who knows the subject that your child needs to learn about.

Watch Video: When to get a tutor by Sasha Borenstein, ...


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Sasha Borenstein

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Sasha Borenstein has lived and worked in Los Angeles since she went to UCLA for her undergraduate work. She spent one year in Israel, half a year in Japan, and performed graduate work at Teachers' College Columbia. Sasha started the Kelter Center 34 years ago - her goal being that every student, child, adolescent, adult be able to learn how to learn and to maximize their potential as learners and human beings. 

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