Teaching grammar to children

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Teaching grammar to children

Grammar is a really difficult subject for people to learn, because we use the words to teach it, don't have meaning in the real world. The words; noun, verb, adjective, adverb. If you ask a person what they mean, they parrot back. "A noun is a person, place or thing." If you ask them, "Give me an example." They have a very hard time doing that. When I'm working with students, I like to do the; I do, you do, we do. I'll give you an example, then you give me an example that is similar to it. Then I'll give you another example, then you give me another example. By showing and doing and saying, putting these words into sentences, it makes more sense. Sometimes I will begin sentence, and ask the student to end the sentence. Then I will do the end of the sentence, and ask my student to do the beginning of the sentence. It's these successive proximations and playing with words, that allows them to become more meaningful. You can talk about the meaning of the word, and it's job in the sentence.

View Sasha Borenstein's video on Teaching grammar to children...


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Sasha Borenstein

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Sasha Borenstein has lived and worked in Los Angeles since she went to UCLA for her undergraduate work. She spent one year in Israel, half a year in Japan, and performed graduate work at Teachers' College Columbia. Sasha started the Kelter Center 34 years ago - her goal being that every student, child, adolescent, adult be able to learn how to learn and to maximize their potential as learners and human beings. 

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