Flipping or backward letters and dyslexia

Watch Sasha Borenstein's video on Flipping or backward letters and dyslexia...
Flipping or backward letters and dyslexia | Kids in the House
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Flipping or backward letters and dyslexia

Children learn about letters when they are about six or seven. When you learn letters, it is totally different than everything else you have learned about in the world. If I have a chair and the chair is beside me, it is a chair. If I turn the chair upside down, it is still a chair. And if I put the back to the front and the front to the back, it is still a chair. But when you start to learn letters, those sticks and those circles and those angles all have meaning. And children have to learn that as a new idea. So the letter b and the letter d have the same sticks and the same circles. However, the orientation is the opposite. So that is really confusing for children. So we try to teach them something that will help them to understand those relationships. And one of the things that I love to do is called the bed trick. The bed trick is to take your hands and to put your thumbs up and the fingers in towards the palm of your hand. And the word bed begins with a b and most kids know that sound, and if you look at your left hand, it is a model of a b. The word bed ends with a d, and your right hand is a d, first the belly, then the stick. When I teach students the bed trick, they say oh my gosh, that is so easy. And then, they can use that trick anytime they are not of whether the letter is a b or a d because they can just put their hand right near the letter. Or if they are wanting to write it, they can kind of put their hands down below their desk and very quietly and without embarrassing themselves know which letter is which. So these are ways of teaching them the spatial relationships between letters.

Watch Sasha Borenstein's video on Flipping or backward letters and dyslexia...


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