Picking a tutor

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Picking a tutor

Parents always want to help their children to become the best learners and the best human beings that they can. Many people look for these sources to help augment what's happening in school. We have different words for this. We have tutors, teachers, professors, and parents. Each of these people may or may not be really helpful in the process of that student learning the most efficiently. Many times, parents have difficulty working with their students because of the emotional ties that they have. They are not as patient as say, a tutor, a teacher, or an educational therapist might be. They want their children to succeed. They want their children to behave. Instead of focusing on the learning, they focus more on the behavior. Children often behave better for a stranger than they do for their parents. The question is: Who outside can help me help my child learn more efficiently? You should pick someone who knows how the brain works, how we learn, as well as their discipline. Having a high school student may not be the best choice because they don't know how the brain works. Having a teacher, who understands how the brain works, is the best possible person to work with your student. They understand your child as a learner, and they know how to teach reading.

Learn about: Picking a tutor from Sasha Borenstein,...


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Sasha Borenstein

Educational Specialist

Sasha Borenstein has lived and worked in Los Angeles since she went to UCLA for her undergraduate work. She spent one year in Israel, half a year in Japan, and performed graduate work at Teachers' College Columbia. Sasha started the Kelter Center 34 years ago - her goal being that every student, child, adolescent, adult be able to learn how to learn and to maximize their potential as learners and human beings. 

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