Types of learners

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Types of learners

Many people have talked about visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners. For me, that's not a real helpful way of thinking about a child, an adolescent or an adult because the origins of this, the research that was done in the 1950's and 1960's with people who had epilepsy. What happened is, because of the epilipsy, they had their brains cut in half. It did away with the epilepsy, but it changed how they learned and how they functioned in the world. That's where the whole idea of visual, auditory and a kinesthetic. Instead of asking that question, I like to ask, "What does this particular learning task demand of me?" If I'm spelling, I need to hear the sounds. I need to keep them in the right order. Once I can do that, I can remember I can remember them visually and I can lift some of my energy to understand what I am reading. Many children have been called visual learners, "Oh, I'm going to teach you to visually memorize every word." That's impossible in English, because there are too many words. The question is better: What does this math demand of me as a learner? What does this spelling? What does this writing demand of me as a learner?

See Sasha Borenstein's video on Types of learners...


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Sasha Borenstein

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Sasha Borenstein has lived and worked in Los Angeles since she went to UCLA for her undergraduate work. She spent one year in Israel, half a year in Japan, and performed graduate work at Teachers' College Columbia. Sasha started the Kelter Center 34 years ago - her goal being that every student, child, adolescent, adult be able to learn how to learn and to maximize their potential as learners and human beings. 

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