Making each family member feel special

Ali Landry shares tips on how to have quality time with each of your children.
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Making each family member feel special

What I do to help each of my children feel special, on Sundays I sort of map out the entire week as best I can. Of course I leave some wiggle room because life happens, but I am very organized and I keep a really great schedule. With school and activities and running them around and grocery shopping and everything else that happens, I really try to carve out those moments or that hour or few hours where I can really spend that quality with each child. For me that's really really important, and I know that we are talking about our children, but I do think that it's important to do the same thing for our husbands. He kind of gets put on the back burner, especially when you have small children because they need you so much, but I remind myself that my husband needs me to and I sort of carve out that time for him as well. I think organization really plays a big part of it. I think you can have the intention, but for me, unless I write it down, it doesn't happen so I keep that calendar and really try to have those moments with each child. Then I really think about what each child really loves, like my son loves trains so even if it's getting on the floor with him, building our track, playing with his trains. The baby, just taking him out to the park. My daughter loves to sing, so just doing something fun with them and also really encouraging what they love.
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Ali Landry shares tips on how to have quality time with each of your children.


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Ali Landry

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Ali Landry found success in Hollywood after being crowned Miss Louisiana and Miss USA. Landry, a small town girl from Louisiana, became a household name as the Doritos spokeswoman and the 1998 Super Bowl heartthrob. She has had recurring roles in “Felicity”, “Two Guys and a girl”, “Sunset Beach” and “Popular.” She is married to writer and director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. Landry co-starred in his film “Bella” and will appear in his latest film, “Little Boy.” Mother of three kids, Ali created an app,, for fellow moms around the world. is a personalized product discovery app for moms by moms. It is a place to discover new product trends and share your ultimate favorite products. Even though Landry has her plate full as an actress, entrepreneur and mother, she says “I am so fulfilled, I know that I am in the exact place I am supposed to be in, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I could not be happier.”

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