Advice on getting kids to sleep

Ali Landry shares her advice on helping get kids to sleep.
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Advice on getting kids to sleep

Sleep with children! Oh my goodness! Is that not a topic that we could talk forever about? With my daughter, I am a huge fan of the 'Happiest Baby on the Block', Dr. Harvey Karp, who now is a dear dear friend of mine. With his technique, from 'The Happiest Baby' I got my daughter to sleep, I want to say, two to three weeks almost through the night, like crazy, and then continue that with all three of my children, using that technique. As they get older things change, I keep them on, again the schedule is important so they know exactly what to expect. So our sleep routine is five-thirty is dinner time, homework is already done, everything is done, we're winding down, five-thirty we have dinner. Six o'clock we're in the bath, we sort of dim the lights a little bit, they're still playing but the lights get dim we talk in lower voices. We get them changed, we go into their rooms, sit down, read a book, put all the little stuff animals in their beds, whatever they want to sleep with and then the get into bed and it's lights out - for all three, ever my seven year old at seven o'clock. And she's like 'mommy i'm the person in my class that's going to bed at seven.' and I said 'but don't you wake up so well rested?' and she was like 'Yes I do." But something that I discovered, that has really been life changing with my boys, you know girls are a little more relaxed, boys, I mean all bets are off. I had just had my baby, who's now one and a half, and my middle son was eighteen months when he was born. Well he started climbing out the crib and I'm thinking to myself oh my gosh what am I going to do. I'm up like all night long nursing a baby and now I have my toddler climbing out of his bed, he'll be running to my room, I didn't think I could handle it. So I did so much research and I ended up at ABC Expo because I have my app and we were working there at ABC Expo and I'm walking down the aisle and I turned to my right and I kid you not, it was like the heavens opened up, the light shone down and the angels were like 'AHHH' it was that kind of moment. It was a sheet, I'll try to describe it to you. It's called the 'Slumber Sheet' by Swadlings, and its a fitted sheet, picture a fitted sheet that is also a sleep sack. It's not torture moms, I promise you. Your child is zipped in to the fitted sheet. I said I had to try this, this could really be a life saver for me. Fortunately my child loved it and now it keeps him safe in his crib and I don't have to worry about him climbing out and the gates and opening the doors and who knows what he'd get into. I have both boys in them and it has been brilliant for me. We travel with these things and again it's more the safety element but it has just been incredible. I love this product.

Ali Landry shares her advice on helping get kids to sleep.


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