First step to losing the baby weight

First step to losing the baby weight
First step to losing the baby weight | Kids in the House
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First step to losing the baby weight

So one super super simple thing that you can start doing to get that weight to drop off after you have your child is I would say, water! Water! Water! Water! Water, and this is why; you are so overwhelmed after you have that baby, I know, it's like the baby is out but you still have this extra weight, you have no desire to put on gym pants and go to the gym. I didn't even feel like going for a walk in the neighbourhood cause I was so exhausted number one, you're nursing the baby, the baby is feeding every three hours, you're barely eating, because who has the time and then when you finally have a chance to grab something, you just grab whatever it is, probably not the healthiest of choices. I always kept, and still to this day I carry around, a contained that carries maybe about 74 ounces of water. You're home, and you're going to go to the bathroom a lot which is good because that's what a lot of people do 'if I drink to much water then I have to go to the bathroom all day' but that's okay, you're home, you're taking care of the baby, you're on maternity leave, so this is the perfect time to do it. Try to get down one of those a day, yes you are going to go to the restroom a lot, your hair's going to look great, your skin's going to look great, your metabolism is going to start picking up, your hormones are going to start balancing out, you're going to feel full. That's just something so simple that you can do, and you're going to start to see the weight drop off just by drinking the water.


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