Getting back into shape after having a baby

Ali Landry shares tips and advice for moms trying to lose the baby weight.
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Getting back into shape after having a baby

Getting back into shape after baby! What do we do? There are these few women I will say ladies, that you see them on the covers of magazines that are this big, they say what a week or three weeks, four weeks. God bless them! I have no idea what you've done, I just think you're extremely blessed, but that is not the rest of the world. I will say from my own experience, again, I nursed my children, I didn't lose the weight from nursing. If anything I was like a line-backer, I think everything got bigger from the mammary glands, the milk coming in. I always say to women, it takes nine months to put that weight on and it takes nine plus to get it off. I exercised through all my pregnancies and continued after and I'm not a stickler with my food, if I want a piece of cake, I'm going to have a piece of cake. But I did drink my water, I was healthy for the most part, I was exercising, I was doing everything possible and you would think that weight would've dropped off quicker but it didn't, really it doesn't, it takes nine months. Because I know, because I was in that place, when you are so frustrated because now the baby is out so it's like now I don't have an excuse, like there's no more baby but yet, I still have all of this going on. You really just have to be patient in those moments, and your only job, your only responsibility is to take care of that baby. Don't worry about the weight, don't worry about answering the phone calls, don't worry about the emails, no one is expecting anything of you. Just take care of yourself, take care of your body, stay hydrated, and take care of your baby. I promise you, with a healthy lifestyle, I'm not saying by doing nothing, you want to eat well and exercise, keep moving, the weight will come off. I promise!

Ali Landry shares tips and advice for moms trying to lose the baby weight.


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Ali Landry

Actress, Mompreneur, Mother of Three

Ali Landry found success in Hollywood after being crowned Miss Louisiana and Miss USA. Landry, a small town girl from Louisiana, became a household name as the Doritos spokeswoman and the 1998 Super Bowl heartthrob. She has had recurring roles in “Felicity”, “Two Guys and a girl”, “Sunset Beach” and “Popular.” She is married to writer and director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. Landry co-starred in his film “Bella” and will appear in his latest film, “Little Boy.” Mother of three kids, Ali created an app,, for fellow moms around the world. is a personalized product discovery app for moms by moms. It is a place to discover new product trends and share your ultimate favorite products. Even though Landry has her plate full as an actress, entrepreneur and mother, she says “I am so fulfilled, I know that I am in the exact place I am supposed to be in, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I could not be happier.”

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